Testimonies: what people are saying about Replenish Festival


  • From children to adults, we just had a great time! People’s hearts were changed. Such an awesome experience.

    Ricky Vest,Festival Attendee and Volunteer

  • Seeing the people when they came and then seeing them when they leave, the difference that they have when they left from the experience that they gained…

    Jackie Myers,Festival Attendee and Volunteer

  • At Replenish Festival… no one cared where you came from, about your past or what you looked like… we all came together to worship Jesus Christ.

    Mandie Bishop,Festival Co-Founder

  • These days we are pulled in a lot of directions to be involved in. But if you have a heart to belong to something that is potentially HUGE to impact the way that people act and feel… this is a fantastic event.


“Absolutely loved the festival. Was a wonderful way to spend the day with family, friends, and neighbors. Thank you all for making this happen. I look forward to another celebration next year hopefully.” — Sharon Hebert · July 10, 2016

“Our family had an amazing time!!! Thank you for the experience! It was amazing worshipping with new friends!!! The bands were awesome and we felt so connected!!! So much fun!!!!” — Amber Wojciechowski · July 14, 2016

“Had a lot of fun!!! Wish All Came As One was on the big stage and had a longer set. Building 429 is always great!” — Corrisa Eversole · July 13, 2016

“The festival was absolutely amazing! The worship music was awesome! All Came As One did so good! I love them and Building 429. I loved every second of it!” — Branson Sheppard · July 13, 2016

“Loved this Festival!! Will be back next year!! Would love to see All Came As One on the big stage, they are fantastic!!” — Samantha Whited · July 13, 2016

“This was our first year coming. Will DEFINITELY be back in 2017, and hope to bring friends with us. Amazing talent throughout the night. Fun for all ages.” — Brigitte Creech · July 10, 2016

“Such a great event for the family to worship and relax. We will be back in 2017!!! Aaaaammmaaazzziiinnngggg!!!!!!” — Larkin Creech · July 10, 2016

“Looooovvvveeeeeee Replenish Fest! Wonderful time to worship our loving God. Great time making memories that will last a lifetime.” — Jessica Holmes Roop · October 24, 2015

“I went tonight and it was great the lord did a wonderful work I can’t wait tell next year to see what happens.” — Bonnie Lavern Vaught · July 12, 2015

“I LOVE that an event like this is growing in Southwestern Virginia. This makes my heart happy :)” — Rob Smith · February 25, 2015


“Great to have in our area! Great christian atmosphere. Love the bands!” — Sharon Eversole · July 13, 2015