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Article in the Floyd Press – β€œThe faith-based Replenish Festival has visibly grown. The second annual festival – held at the Burnett Farm in Floyd County on July 9-10 – drew attendees from as far away as Georgia and Florida and from all over North Carolina, West Virginia and Virginia.”

Loose Leaf Notes – 

WDBJ-7 – Replenish Festival aims to unite people with two days of praise and worship

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Article in the Floyd Press – Loose Leaf Notes – The Floyd Press printed a very nice piece on the festival and was onsite to grab photos and talk to others and interview.  Please be sure to check out this link, currently located on Loose Leaf Notes website.

WDBJ 7 News Coverage – WDBJ7 arrived on Sunday mid-day after the morning baptisms and recapped the festival.  Click on the link to see their news coverage of #replenishfest 2015.