Patricia Farrell:  Sunday Morning Speaker

It was in the high plains of New Mexico that I discovered my own personal journey. In 2002, my husband accepted an opportunity to open a medical practice in Hobbs, New Mexico. I left a job, multiple organizational memberships and responsibilities, friends, family, waterfalls and mountain streams to find myself in an unfamiliar territory.

Pat Farrell I came to realize that it is in times of isolation and stillness that God can speak to you. While I had always loved to teach and had been in nursing for over 30 years, I didn’t feel that it was “enough.” I kept saying, “There must be more to life than this.” Through my search, I came across a life coach on television one morning and as I heard her speak, I knew that was the profession for me.

After completing the training for personal coaching, I started to coach for Family Drug Court and my life changed. For the first time in my life, I couldn’t wait to get to “work”. I looked forward everyday to helping these young women find their path from rehab to their life’s purpose. I have only God to thank for gifting me with the ability and desire to help with His work.


“You made such an impression on me that my entire life has changed, and for the better. I’m not sure of the exact moment in time, or the exact words you spoke, but something definitely impacted my life in an empowering and positive way. Thank you for doing what you do, you are making a difference.”
– Becky Ross, New Mexico

Today, I spend my time presenting keynote and break-out presentations, engaging in personal coaching, designing spiritual and nursing retreats, leading a lifestyle Bible study and organizing workshops for individuals and organizations. I speak from the heart to women and men in an effort to help them understand the power they hold to change other’s lives. There is no meeting by coincidence and there are incredible opportunities for us to share and grow.

I also enjoy working with my nursing colleagues in our efforts to end lateral violence (years of engrained “eating of our young”) and raising scores of our patient’s perception of care. What I know for sure is that in order to complete both of these missions, we have to start within the hearts of each individual nurse within our systems.

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