JJ Weeks Band

No one is promised an easy, pain-free life. But as Christians those struggles are met with the promise that we don’t have to walk the road alone. That tension is exactly were JJ Weeks Band drew their inspiration for the band’s label debut, All Over The World (Inpop Records). Three years of incessant challenges from family deaths, a difficult pregnancy, and the subsequent health risks with a newborn, to the taxing lifestyle of being full-time touring musicians were all catalysts that birthed the ten songs on the record produced by Scotty Wilbanks (Third Day, Family Force 5, After Edmund, Echoing Angels, DecembeRadio).

JJ Weeks BandThe JJ Weeks Band, based in Macon GA, have toured extensively and released three independent projects. Each of the guys have been involved in ministry in some capacity since childhood. Whether singing solos, performing in church musicals, or leading worship, music and ministry have always gone hand in hand. That heart for ministry led Weeks to step out in faith and push for a career in music full-time. Shortly thereafter there talents joined together to create the JJ Weeks Band and consisted of David Hart Bass, Robbie Fritz Drums, Cody Preston Guitar, Don Eanes Keys/Organ, JJ Weeks Vocal.

‘We want people to know that God has their back. That they can trust Him in the midst of the struggles of life because He loves us,’ says Weeks.

The bands music is filled with the pain of real life, but points to a hope that could only be found in a loving God.

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