Children’s Area and Merchandise Vendors Coordinator

Mandie Bishop

Festival Grounds Team

David Marshall

Festival Operations

Travis Bishop

Front Gate Operations Team

Jackie Myers (Admission), Doug Myers (Parking)

Marketing Team

Teresa Martin, Brad Boyd, Judson Hale, James Lollar, Gary Shirr, Mike Zeman

Medical and Nursing Team

Donna and Bob Barbetti

Prayer Team

Linda and Jim Rice


We both were raised, discipled for Christ, and married in Christiansburg. Jim graduated from Va Tech in business education and Linda earned a degree in medical technology. After a few years working in Richmond, we left for 30+ years with the Baptist International Mission Board. Our assignment was Uganda, an unstable destitute African nation in 1975.

In the absence of man’s resources and living in a hostile world,

We found the atoning work of Christ abundantly activated

–Rock solid, life building, materials of God’s Word and Spirit

–Sustaining communicating life-directing prayer

–Other-worldly strength of a regenerate community, the Church

–Achievable purpose of being an ambassadorial outpost of the Kingdom of God

    To accurately reflect Christ’s Kingship in the then and there

    Leading to the transformational expansion of His rule

            even in the midst of Idi Amin, 8 military coups, ethic cleansings, painful

            poverty, illiteracy, witchcraft and the devastation of AIDS.

We often say to each other “We are the most blessed people on this earth!!” God has been GOOD to us. Our daughter Kristen, born during our Ugandan life, is one of the big blessings He has lavished upon us. Returning to the Blue Ridge Mountains we entered a new chapter of ministry encouraging and challenging God’s people through GraceLife Baptist Church, another era of blessing.

We are eager members of the Replenish team. We concur with its optimistic view of the future, its joyful embrace of today, and its confidence that the past is indeed forgiven. We join them in their desire to encourage God’s people, to lift their heads from despair and self-absorption. We join them in their pursuit of a bolder, more engaged, more Christ-like people, intent upon lovingly wresting hostages from the Kingdom of Darkness and introducing them to the Kingdom of Light.

If we learned anything in Uganda it was the primacy of prayer and the joyous strength of working with all stripes of God’s Kingdom. We are privileged to assist in prayer with Replenish as the Lord directs.

Volunteer Coordinator

Edward Slaughter