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Directions and General Information

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Get Your Church Behind You…

Accountability is good! If you are going as a church group, we assume your pastor is already in agreement with the trip. Why not take a Sunday night or part of a Sunday Morning, with their permission, and talk about the Festival. You could show some pictures and part of the promotional video, and use the opportunity to get the congregation behind you in prayer. You never know, it may spark a few more folks to want to join you and it will open the door for more people to come to Jesus. After the Festival, get permission to share all God did while you were gone. It will thrill everyone and bring excitement to the church!

Address to Replenish Festival:
5555 Indian Valley Rd
Willis, VA 24380

From the West/South:

If you are coming from the West or South you will have to come from I-77. Take the Galax/Hillsville/221 exit and head North on 221. You will travel approx 25 miles to a Left on Camp 5 Rd. and travel about 2.8 miles to the stop sign. Take a left on Indian Valley Rd (RT 787) and go 0.6 miles to the Replenish Festival on the Right (just after the big white Barn)!

From the North:

Depends on where you are coming from…..if you are coming South on I-81, use the East directions. There are 2 ways to find Floyd from that direction…either come through Roanoke via I-81 to I-581 to SR221 South to the Floyd Stoplight or via I-81 to the RT 8 South/Floyd/Christiansburg exit to the Floyd Stoplight. If you come Rt8, about 5 miles before the Town of Floyd, turn Right on Rt 730 (Ridgeview Rd). Continue to the stop sign on Rt 750 (Alum Ridge Rd). Go straight on Rt 730 (now Duncan’s Chapel) to a Left on RT 787 (Indian Valley Rd). Go 4 miles to the Replenish Festival on the Left!

If you are coming down I-77, use the West/South directions.

Replenish Festival Site Map

LodgingReplenish Festival offers camping, but for those of you who do not like to camp, the surrounding area offers many options for lodging.

Places to stay if you don’t like camping:

If you are camping, keep in mind it may be CAMPING with hundreds possibly thousands of other people; you may forget a few things and the people camping beside you may forget a few things. Be like a Boy Scout: BE PREPARED! One of the first things you should do is organize a composite list of things you need as a ‘camp site’ and what all you may need as ‘individuals’.

Camping is available for all ticket holders on a first come first served basis for individuals or groups; however, only pre-registered groups (15+ or more adults) registering together on the same form for the entire event will be pre-assigned a location. Individuals will be assigned a location when they arrive at the festival. The festival is an outdoor event and everyone should come with some type of shelter in case of rain. No one will be allowed on the premises before Saturday at 12pm (unless serving on staff). Showers and porta-johns are provided. Water is available on the premises for drinking and wash basins. There are no individual electric or water hookups for campers. We do not have an exact measurement for each camping space. We customize it based on the cars, tents, camper and/or supplies you bring to the festival.

Check-in: You must be 18 or over to check in the festival. Anyone under the age of 18 must be with a parent or a guardian or youth pastor. Give the staff member at the Will Call tent your pre-ordered ticket. He or she will give you a wrist band that must be worn at all times during the festival. If you damage your wrist band during the festival go to the will call tent to receive a new wrist band but bring the old one with you or your pre-ordered ticket. Tickets purchased at the gate can be purchased with cash, debit, or credit card. Check-in gate will open at 12pm on Saturday.

What to Bring:
Your ticket, pen and notebook, sleeping bag, tent or camper, flashlight, cooking supplies, buckets, BIBLE, wash basin, umbrella, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, towels, insect repellent, money, sunglasses, hat, sweater, sleeping bag, clothes and blanket.

Alcoholic beverages are absolutely NOT permitted on the festival grounds. Anyone found under the influence of or in possession of such will be escorted off the property and/or turned over to the law enforcement officials. There will be law enforcement officials on the festival grounds at all time.

Pets are not allowed on the festival grounds. This includes parking and camping areas. Please make arrangements with a nearby kennel (or family member) to care for your pet while you are at the Festival.

Smoking is not allowed in the public areas of the festival. If you need to smoke, please limit this to your own campsite or off festival grounds.

Bicycles are allowed. It is not the reponsibility of the Festival for any loss or stolen bicycles!

Camp Fires
Camp fires are NOT ALLOWED at the festival due to the geographics of the festival grounds. The grounds are in a valley & smoke from the campfires will lay low in the valley and make it difficult to breathe. There will be a bon fire at the top of a hill for everyone to enjoy, started, and controlled by staff on Saturday night.

Curfew is 1 a.m.! After 1 a.m. please be quiet. Don’t “bless” others with loud singing, music, radios or talking. If asked by someone to “quiet down,” please respond graciously.

No fireworks may be brought onto the grounds.

Sports Activities
Please confine athletic activities to areas not congested by people.

Bags of ice are available on site for purchase.

Literature Distribution
Literature distribution is only permitted from official booths located in the booth area, regardless of the type of literature. Please understand that this rule will be strictly enforced.

Please help keep the grounds clean by picking up any trash that you spot and deposit it in the nearest trash can. Please report any overflowing trash cans to the information tent.

Lost and Found
All lost and found items should be taken to and retrieved from the Festival’s Lost and Found location (at the Will Call tent)! Any valuable items such as cameras, phones, jewelry, glasses, medication, and/or keys will be kept at the Will Call tent until retrieved. It would be helpful to have your name on your valuable items!

Program Cancellations
Occasionally, due to illness or some other reason, a speaker or musician may have to cancel or change the time of their appearance. The Festival does not guarantee that the program will happen as advertised, and reserves the right to make changes and substitutions, as it deems best.

Suggestion Box
Located at the main festival office trailer. Your input is greatly valued.

Portable toilet facilities are placed throughout the grounds. Please notify a staff member if they need servicing. We need everyone’s cooperation in keeping these facilities as clean as possible. It only takes one careless person to make things really gross.

Only 8 showers are onsite! Encourage campers to use these facilities at odd times (late at night and/or very early in the morning) to reduce waiting time on showers.

A parking space is available for you to park your cars, buses, and/or recreational vehicles. Please follow the instructions of the parking attendants by parking where they direct you. Most of those camping may park their vehicles at their campsites (Camping Area “A”). There are certain areas (Camping Area “B”) due to terrain where you will have to park in one area and camp in another. Staff will help those staying in Camping Area B to get their camping gear from their vehicle to campsite. You can walk anywhere on the ground so please drive your car only when entering or exiting the grounds.

Do not drive your car unless it is an emergency. When walking, please clear the road as soon as a vehicle approaches. Do not walk in the middle of the road. Unnecessary driving is not only unsafe but it is also stirs up a lot of dust.

No individual golf carts and/or ATV’s are permitted. The only golf carts & ATV’s allowed are those in use for the festival staff that are provided by the festival.

A first aid tent will be on the site. If you have special medical needs, please register at the medical tent upon arrival. Each underage registrant must have his/her parent or guardian sign a “Consent To Treat” form. This form is sent to all who pre-register. Please make copies of this form which is located in the “Registration Details Pamphlet” that you will receive with your tickets. Please have minors in your group have this with them while on site in case they need treatment and are not with an adult.

The festival is a unique situation where a complete village emerges over night. As in any small village there are many medical needs that arise. Just as you would not run to the local hospital Emergency Room for every little problem, please use the same discretion in deciding to come to the First Aid station.

Guidelines For Using The First Aid Station:

When you arrive at the First Aid station, you will be required to sign a “Consent To Treat” form. You must be 18 years old to sign for yourself. If you are not 18yrs or older, please bring an adult with you. If not accompanied by an adult, keep your “Consent To Treat” form with you. NO ONE UNDER 18 WILL BE TREATED WITHOUT ADULT PERMISSION or a signed “Consent To Treat” form.

If the First Aid station is busy, and your complaint is minor, you may be asked to wait. Please be patient, we may have some serious injuries or illness to care for. Despite the excellent care of our trained people, it may still be necessary for you to be treated in the local hospital Emergency Room. If this is the case you are responsible for supplying insurance information. It is also your responsibility, not the festival staff’s to provide transportation to the hospital unless the injury dictates an ambulance. You will also be responsible to provide your transportation back to the festival from the Hospital.,

Regular cameras are permitted at the festival. However, any professional camera equipment including tripods, cameras with removable lenses are not. Photos must be taken from where ever you will be standing/sitting during the performances… no special passes will be issued. Also, video-taping of an entire performance is prohibited. This is agreed upon by the festival and the performing artists to protect the artists’ rights. Thank you for your cooperation.

Photographers and videographers will be on site to document the Festival. Many of these images will be used in the future for promotional purposes. By attending the Festival, you are giving up any rights you might have with regards to these photos and will be deemed as having given permission for use of the same. This includes but is not limited to Photos, video and audio. As the attendee, you grant the Festival, its employees, contractors, and all media the right to record, film, tape, and photograph for the purposes of promotion and media coverage for the festival. This will include all forms of media including but not limited to broadcast, print, email and website usage.

Lost children should be taken to the nurses station so management can find their parents or guardians. Please keep children beside you at all times when groups are on stage. There are lots of activities for children, and they must be accompanied by at least one adult at all times. Never let a child sleep on the ground while music groups are on stage… especially at night! The creek that runs through the property is deep in some places. Children can fall in and drown. Please choose shallow areas if your child wants to play in the creek. Parents must stay with their children while playing in the creek.

Leaders, Chaperones and Parents: We need your help in enforcing this policy – our staff cannot do it alone! MODESTY is the key word. While the style and fashion these days seems to be “less is best,” we do not want to be guilty of causing another person to stumble. Girls: Bathing suits are NOT permitted, except in the showers. Clothes must be put on over your bathing suit for the walk back to your campsite from the showers. Tank tops are fine but bellies must be covered (even though the fashion now is to show it off). Shorts and/or skirts need to be long enough and shirts big enough. Guys are not exempt from the dress code: SHIRTS MUST be worn by all at all times.