General Information

Get Your Church Behind You…

Accountability is good! If you are going as a church group, we assume your pastor is already in agreement with the trip. Why not take a Sunday night or part of a Sunday Morning, with their permission, and talk about the Festival. You could show some pictures and part of the promotional video, and use the opportunity to get the congregation behind you in prayer. You never know, it may spark a few more folks to want to join you and it will open the door for more people to come to Jesus. After the Festival, get permission to share all God did while you were gone. It will thrill everyone and bring excitement to the church!

Things to Consider:

  • It’s a pretty monumental task to prepare for a massive outing with a group. If you keep your list year to year, you can add to, take away and continue to tweak it each year, but it will always give you a head start on your preparation for the next year.
  • Many groups divide their group into family or small groups of 4 – 6 people and require that each group contribute for instance: two packs of hot dogs, two packs of rolls, one big pack of toilet paper, a few rolls of paper towels, one bag of fruit, one breakfast ‘treat’ like donuts, pop tarts etc. and one bag of snack food (chips, pretzels etc.). When you bring all the food items together, there is some- thing you     know that you enjoy and you can share yours with others in the larger group.
  • It’s also a good idea to have an ice contribution can. Take an old coffee can, and cover it and indicate it is for contributions to purchase ice. That way, everyone gets in on the expense.
  • It may be a good thing, depending on the size of your group, to bring one person Certified in CPR and First Aid along with you. We are not expecting anything to happen, but in a massive group of thousands, anyone who is Certified, may be a real blessing to someone in need.
  • One thing some deem essential as a group is a pre-set list of rules, or do’s and don’ts that you can institute at your campsite. This is especially essential to or just be sure each ‘rule’ is explained and is clearly understood before clarification concerning conduct etc. Hey, the Bible is our guidebook or rulebook, as well as God’s word. Rules are good. Some of the things you may want to include in your ‘do’s and don’ts’ may include: your personal group dress code, conduct between guys and girls at the campsite, campers responsibilities (everyone should have a job!), campsite curfews, establishment of eating times and devotions times, etc.
  • Obviously, before you come to Replenish it would be great to meet with your group and establish all your hopes and parameters concerning the trip. You will want everyone to have a great time, and if all the expectations of your group are clearly stated, everyone is thinking alike and will know what to expect and what is expected of them.