Want to sell your merchandise at Replenish Festival?  Then contact us to be pre-approved!  Merchandise vendor fee is FREE!  The only requirement is ticket purchase to the event which will be held July 7th-9th.  Each booth space is 10×10.  Vendors and any helpers are required to purchase a ticket.  Tickets can be purchased for $10 each.  

All merchandise vendors must be pre-approved by Mandie Bishop!

Step #1:

Please email Mandie first to become pre-approved.  Email her at mandie@replenishfest.com and tell her your name and what you intend to sell, and please list your website should you have one.

Step #2:

Once you are approved, then download and fill out the form and send to Replenish Ministries, Inc., P.O. Box 1, Indian Valley, VA  24105.  Or you may also submit electronically via the form below.

Step #3:

Purchase your tickets for you and whomever may be working your booth with you.  Tickets will be $10 per person working each merchant vendor.

Festival Time:

All forms must be sent in two (2) weeks prior to the event.  You may purchase your ticket(s) at anytime.  We will re-confirm your attendance two weeks prior to the festival and should you not be planning to attend, your spot will be given to the next person on our waiting list.

Any questions, contact:
Replenish Ministries, Inc. at (540) 267-6763 or email: mandie@replenishfest.com. There will be no rain date for Replenish Festival, only if the event is cancelled will deposits be refunded.

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