Replenish Festival has been held for the past two years in Floyd County and has been self-sponsored. During that time, we’ve witnessed 58 people receiving Jesus Christ as their Savior and many lives were touched and renewed. For those who didn’t have a home church, we were able to connect them with a church in the area that met their needs. The festival is all about bringing believers together to encourage each other, to laugh & cry, to pray, to worship, to rest, to re-focus, and be REPLENISHED. What good are we to God, our family, our church, our community if as salt we have lost our saltiness or our light has faded?

Replenish Ministries is requesting your active participation in this work God has set before us by any or all of the following:

  • pray for our spiritual guidance in future festivals,
  • attend future festivals with family and friends,
  • provide feedback and suggestions,
  • share your experience with others after you have attended,
  • encourage your church join our referral list, to allow us to refer festival attendees in need to them,
  • volunteer to help during the festival,
  • donate as God might lead you,
  • encourage your church or employer to consider support.

We are depending upon your help in order for the 2017 festival to happen, and it will also help to allow for scholarship tickets for those who can’t afford to purchase one. As a partner you will receive special opportunities such as being in our special partner group who will be first to receive updates on all things related to the festival and other ministry events, because when you partner, you partner with the ministry, not just the festival. Replenish Festival is the main event for the ministry which seeks to provide outreach in a multitude of ways.

Replenish Festival is God’s idea based on what HE knows is needed to care for His people. Won’t you consider being replenished AND joining us in this effort?

For those who will prayerfully consider financial support via donations, we are suggesting a monthly partnership program.

Individuals can donate as little as $5 per month (total year investment of $60) to $25 per month (total year investment of $300). Click on “Individual Partnership” below for more information.

Churches can also donate in suggested ranges of $25 per month to $200 per month.  There are several church benefits that are offered for the monthly commitment.  Click “Church Partnership” below for more information.

You can also choose your own one-time donation amount by giving using our secure Givelify app.  Simply click the button here labeled: “Give now with Givelify“.

Church Partnership

Individual Partnership



We appreciate any and all donations.  Click any option above to sign-up for a monthly donation through our partnership program.  Or you can make a one-time donation through the Givelify App. Through this secure app, you can make a donation in various amounts or select your own.  The monthly option is also secure and will set up a recurring payment with the credit/debit card you choose to use.

If you would rather donate offline, feel free to download these forms.  As stated, you can make a one-time donation or become a monthly partner by filling out the monthly authorization form.

Again, we THANK YOU for any donations to the ministry to help reach out to God’s people within our community.

Thank you to the following sponsors and partners: