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Faith, Hope and Life Lessons

Faith is defined as “a complete trust or confidence in someone or something; a strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual understanding rather than proof.”  We often hear people question, “Well, if God’s so real, then why __________?”  That blank can be filled in with things like “Why can’t I see Him?”, “Why do bad things happen?”, “Why is there death and illnesses like cancer?”  We are just like a child asking the infinite number of “Why?” questions…. questions that are often valid questions and ones even believers can sometimes struggle with when it…

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Cheerful, Thankful Hearts

Written by Teresa Martin, who also blogs at As I got ready to get in the shower before going to work the other morning, I noticed the laundry hamper was overflowing again and I had just washed all the clothes the day before.  Where did these clothes suddenly come from?  Likely the floor from my family’s bedrooms!  But as I felt myself wanting to grumble, I changed my look on things and instead thought the following: “I’m thankful that I have a washing machine, so I don’t have to go to a creek or a river.” “I’m thankful that…

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Choose to Focus More on Jesus

The world in which we live in seems to have gone crazy.  We are regularly hearing our representatives arguing with each other.  We are divided in so many ways and by so many labels.  Politics and agendas are dividing us black against white, women against men, and in many, many other ways.  The word “choice” get’s thrown around in a variety of ways during all of this, too….. another way to label and divide us as a people.  And while the women’s march had hoped to unite women as indicated by their mission statement:  “We stand together in solidarity…

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My Dream Singleness

An Anthem for Unmarried Women A lot of women struggle with not being married.  Perhaps it’s always been their desire to have a husband and children and it just hasn’t happened yet.  Or perhaps she’s divorced and longing to be married again as she is lonely.  Whatever the reason, this blog shared from Desiring God is written as “An Anthem for Unmarried Women”. Excerpts from this blog originally posted at on January 26, 2017 are below.  To read the blog in its entirety click here. “My marital status may read “single” on my tax return, but…

Chicken Coop Gate

The Gate is Open

Today’s blog post is share from Jen Hatmaker’s website blog. “I’m a big fan of freedom, of wide-open spaces, of not being confined and imprisoned and stuck. This is absolutely God’s craving for us too: “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery” (Galatians 5:1). That first sentence is everything. Why did Jesus set us free? So we would be free.” To read the full post from her blog on October 22, 2015, please click here.   #WednesdayWordforWomen

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Every Woman Needs Encouragement

This guest post was first publicized on the blog at; written by Teresa Martin. Is it selfish of me to want someone to encourage me?  As I am a mom, I am often found in the role of the encourager.  Through the years, I’ve encouraged little ones to try a new food, to try to ride their bike without training wheels, to try a new skill, a new sport or activity.  A mama’s “well” can get pretty low sometimes.  Every mom needs a chance to get filled back up so she can pour back out. So how do you get…

Woman Feeling Sad, Fat, Ugly

When You Feel Ugly, Fat and Stupid

Editor’s Note:  Women often suffer from feeling inferior and not good enough.  Our culture calls women to be everything:  a wife, a mother, daughter, friend, an employee… but what happens when she can’t keep up with it all?  Author Jenny G. Scott writes: “The Enemy knows just how to attack us…and with me he knows my weakness is to feel ugly, fat, and stupid. Here’s how to refute his lies and cling to God’s truths… “…Where does Satan attack you? Maybe he doesn’t tell you you’re ugly, fat, or stupid, but maybe he tells you you’re a terrible wife. A distant mother….

Breast Cancer Awareness

The Callback

Post first publicized on blog from; written by Teresa Martin There are some things you WANT to be called back for:  a job interview or an audition and then there are others you DON’T want:  a call to the principal’s office for your child, or to your boss’s office after a disagreement with a co-worker. I recently went to get my yearly exam from my doctor, you know the one, the one to go examine all our female parts.  It was as routine as any other yearly exam:  questions like “Has there been any changes in your medical history?  Have…