Childhood Cancer Awareness

God’s Warriors

Written by Teresa Martin, who also blogs at Recently I was helping out in children’s church where our leaders had brought in the movie “Letters to God” to watch and discuss.  While it is based on a real life boy who fought a battle with cancer, the plot was based largely on more fictional than actual events.  Through the movie, the boy, Tyler, talks to God by writing Him letters and then mailing them.  You get a very small peak into his and his family’s life as he battles…

bedroom, under the bed

Shared Post: God’s Under the Bed

from the Editor:  God lays it all out for us:  the simple plan of salvation.  And it really is simple.  But somehow, we find ways to make our faith complicated.  I enjoyed reading this inspirational post on God’s Little Acre and thought I would share it today.  #inspirationTuesday Here’s a small excerpt: “In my moments of doubt and frustrations with my Christianity, I envy the security Kevin has in his simple faith. It is then that I am most willing to admit that he has some divine knowledge that rises above my mortal questions. It is…

Groups Camping

Partnership Opportunity and Video

Replenish Ministries, Inc. is all about uniting people in worship.  Our largest outreach event is the Replenish Festival in which we seek to provide a faith-based music festival that is fun for the whole family.  We are asking our community of believers to partner with us and invest their time and prayer with us in this ministry.  And if lead, we also ask that you might support the ministry with your financial gifting.  For all the details our partnership opportunities, please click here:

word on the street

Looking for Word on the Street Promoters

Word on the Street Crew We are looking for volunteers to be our Word on the Street Crew.  We want you to TALK IT UP on the street, with your church, with your friends and family.  TALK IT UP in person, via text, via email, online in social media!  Over and again last year, we were told people heard about our festival through someone else.  Our best form of advertisement was by WORD OF MOUTH.  People listen when their friends and family speak!  So if you enjoyed Replenish Festival last year, or didn’t get to come but wanted to…

Bible Book of John

Things we take for granted

by Jackie Meyers, board member… I’m feeling blessed as I finished reading the book of John.  It’s not the first time in my life as I’ve read it many times before, but felt it necessary to share as a lesson to the youth for teaching a Sunday school class. Recently, I called a dear friend of mine to see how she was feeling since I knew she had been sick and I had not seen her in church.  She said, “I’m doing much better.”  I was so glad to hear this, so we continued to talk and began sharing how…

Ricky Vest and Family

Replenish Ministries supports Church Plant

New church plant in Vermont Replenish Ministries is pleased to announce we are helping support a church plant in Vermont!  Statistically, Vermont is the least religious state in our nation.  Answering God’s calling and with a great leap of faith, Ricky Vest took his wife and children north, hours away from their own families.  They rely on funds from ministry partners to support them in this mission field.  For more information, please click this link and feel free to make your own donations of support.

Raffle Winner for Rifle from Whitetail Outfitters!

Today Replenish Ministries had a meeting for volunteer teams to discuss next year’s festivals and events leading up to it. During this time we decided we would also give away our gun. Watch the video to see who won! Thank you so much to each person who bought a ticket in support of Replenish Ministries. Thank you also to Whitetail Outfitters for helping us to get a gun for the give-a-way!