God’s Warriors

God’s Warriors

Written by Teresa Martin, who also blogs at frazzledazzlemama.com.

Letters to GodRecently I was helping out in children’s church where our leaders had brought in the movie “Letters to God” to watch and discuss.  While it is based on a real life boy who fought a battle with cancer, the plot was based largely on more fictional than actual events.  Through the movie, the boy, Tyler, talks to God by writing Him letters and then mailing them.  You get a very small peak into his and his family’s life as he battles through this awful disease.  I personally found it to be a tear-jerker as I have a friend with a 9-year old boy, Beckett, fighting a battle with cancer this very moment.  

I’ve often heard the question, “If God is so good and loving, then why do bad things happen?”  I’ve also heard lots of answers to this question.  In this movie, as the main character Tyler struggles with getting picked on at school for his baldness (due to hair loss as a result of treatments), his good friend’s grandfather says something that I found worth noting… it has stuck with me.  

The friend’s grandfather declares Tyler “God’s Warrior” and proceeds to reveal some important truths to young Tyler.  He says, “God is truth. And it’s your job, Tyler, to point them toward Him. And if they turn to Him, they find the truth. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful victory?”  Tyler becomes an inspiration to his whole community and many of them decide to write their own letters to God.  

Beckett Wyatt, Childhood CancerWhether the small peaks this movie provides into Tyler’s life are anything like Beckett’s, I can’t say for certain.  I can’t imagine the many feelings and emotions he and his family have experienced.  But I have followed his journey through his mom’s (my friend) Kymmie’s social media and Beckett’s GoFundMe account.  I read about how he accepted Christ as his Savior and wanted to be baptized; and he was able to be baptized recently in January.  I’ve watched sweet Beckett endure chemotherapy and radiation through his mom’s posts and pictures.  My heart has ached beside of theirs.  Still, the strength, courage and faith they have, has also radiated and spoken loudly from those same posts and pictures.  Beckett, himself, has been brave…providing encouragement and even strength, though his body is weakened, to the many around him praying for him and following his progress.  

Has he always been upbeat through it all?  Likely no, as he is still human, and like any one of us, I imagine we would occasionally be grumpy if we frequently had to check into the hospital for treatment rather than getting to be in the comfort of our own home and bed.  But more than not, I read posts about Beckett’s positive outlook, how he’s worried more about others he has met in the hospital than he has about himself.

He IS a warrior for God.  His smile and caring for others has not stopped.  

In my own walk, there have been times of suffering that have drawn me closer to my Savior.  God used those times to provide me with strength beyond my own.  Just like a fire can refine precious metals, and diamonds are created through high temperatures and pressure… one’s suffering can produce the most precious outcomes, such as a closer walk with God.  

In the case of these Warriors fighting cancer, it’s their courage in the face of illness that makes others take a look at their own lives and take stock.  Through their battles and journeys, they point others to God.  Beckett points others toward God.

A lot of times God’s expectations of his followers are hard to live up to. Sometimes we don’t feel like being obedient.  Sometimes we just want to give up, yet the gentleness of the Holy Spirit nudges us on.

We are each a warrior for God in our own way.  While some fight a battle we can’t imagine (like cancer), how we react and behave in our daily lives reflects our heart and might be showing others, those who don’t know Christ, a lifestyle evangelism that they may not see elsewhere.  And no matter what you or others are going through, God promises to be with us through it all.  So, I leave you with this today:

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”  Matthew 28:19-20.

God’s promise is that He will be with us ALWAYS during the hard times as well as the good.  Realize that and lean on Him for your strength as these brave Warriors have already discovered.

Beckett WyattBeckett Wyatt lives with his parents and siblings in northern Virginia.  What started as suspected growing pains was soon diagnosed as Stage 4 Ewings Sarcoma last year.  Since then plans were laid out to battle this cancer.  You can read and follow his journey through his GoFundMe page.  And yes, if you feel led, you can certainly donate.  Above all, they welcome your prayers for healing.  

Want to do more?  Take the challenge.  Did you know that children’s cancer research receives only $26M in funding whereas breast cancer and other cancer research receives WAY more?  Beckett’s dad, Roger, has started a challenge to bring awareness about Childhood Cancer Research challenging everyone to do 26 Burpees for 26 days.  Share on your social media pages to bring awareness by adding the following hashtag:  #burpeesforourbabies.  


Shared Post:  God’s Under the Bed

Shared Post: God’s Under the Bed

from the Editor:  God lays it all out for us:  the simple plan of salvation.  And it really is simple.  But somehow, we find ways to make our faith complicated.  I enjoyed reading this inspirational post on God’s Little Acre and thought I would share it today.  #inspirationTuesday

Here’s a small excerpt:

“In my moments of doubt and frustrations with my Christianity, I envy the security Kevin has in his simple faith. It is then that I am most willing to admit that he has some divine knowledge that rises above my mortal questions. It is then I realize that perhaps he is not the one with the handicap — I am. My obligations, my fears, my pride, my circumstances — they all become disabilities when I do not submit them to Christ.” –– excerpt from post titled “God’s Under The Bed”.

Read the complete original post here at God’s Little Acre.  It’s a short read, click to read the full version.  ;)  

Partnership Opportunity and Video

Partnership Opportunity and Video

Replenish Ministries, Inc. is all about uniting people in worship.  Our largest outreach event is the Replenish Festival in which we seek to provide a faith-based music festival that is fun for the whole family.  We are asking our community of believers to partner with us and invest their time and prayer with us in this ministry.  And if lead, we also ask that you might support the ministry with your financial gifting.  For all the details our partnership opportunities, please click here:  https://replenishfest.com/donate/

Looking for Word on the Street Promoters

Looking for Word on the Street Promoters

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Things we take for granted

Things we take for granted

by Jackie Meyers, board member…

I’m feeling blessed as I finished reading the book of John.  It’s not the first time in my life as I’ve read it many times before, but felt it necessary to share as a lesson to the youth for teaching a Sunday school class.

Recently, I called a dear friend of mine to see how she was feeling since I knew she had been sick and I had not seen her in church.  She said, “I’m doing much better.”  I was so glad to hear this, so we continued to talk and began sharing how even faithful believers face battles, and regardless of those battles, we Praise our Heavenly Father. We shared how a song continues to be sung amongst us “Ole Children of Zion Be Glad.”  We talked about reading the Bible and how we seek to always be in God’s presence.

As we continued to talk, she shared with me, “With my vision going, Jackie, I can’t read as much.”  Trust me, when I say that my friend knows the Bible.  Her anointing is real.  She continued, “I’m believing my vision will be restored if it’s God’s will.  But if it’s not His will, Jackie, you know, it’s okay, because you know we can see through our hearts and and as believers this is how we should see.”

Wow.  I realize how we take things for granted.  I praise God for her.  At that moment I told her, “As always, you have encouraged me!”  God revealed to me at that point, that my reading God’s word would be different because I DO have my vision, and I will study so I can share like never before with others.

As I read God’s Word now, it is to breathe every word, to grasp the love, and to truly see with my heart. God has also revealed to me that we can’t see through our hearts if we have junk in it.  Junk such as non-forgiveness, anger, pride, envy, negativity to others, negative complaining attitudes, bitterness… pretty much anything that is not of God. So what do we do we get rid of it? We ask God to take it away! Quit complaining about your woes and Praise God for what you have!

He basks in our Praises!  I leave you with this scripture from John I have read numerous times over tonight:

Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life. — John 8:12.

Thanks to my friend, I know in my heart, the scripture John 8:12 is shared tonight for someone if not many.