Jordan Feliz - Replenishfest 2017

2017 Featured Artist: Jordan Feliz

We look forward to welcoming Jordan to the Replenish Festival stage THIS WEEKEND, July 8th!  And don’t forget we are going to have lots more regional music for the whole weekend!   Jordan’s website states: “Some years from now, the name Jordan Feliz might be the obvious answer to a trivia question that goes something like this: What artist launched his career as a hard-touring heavy metal singer, then switched gears to become a church worship leader, before finally signing a Nashville record deal and making his mark as a songwriter and soulful R&B-groove-pop artist?” Indeed, Jordan was involved in…

Pat Farrell

2017 Featured Speaker: Pat Farrell

Pat Farrell joined us last year at Replenish Festival and brought our Sunday morning message. This year she joins us as our Featured Speaker on Saturday night! Pat is a life coach and certified Lay Minister.  She shares her passion and motivation for bringing God’s message to rejuvenate your spirit and motivate your soul!   It was in 2002, that Pat discovered her own journey after her relocating with her husband for his job.  “I came to realize that it is in times of isolation and stillness that God can speak to you. While I had always loved to teach and had…

Fritz Schindler

2017 Artist: Fritz Schindler

Fritz Schindler has been a Replenish Festival favorite since the festival’s beginning.  So we are excited to welcome him back again this year! If you’ve not heard Fritz’s music, then you are in for a treat!  Fritz is described as a versatile, joy-filled whirlwind of musical enthusiasm. His energetic live shows combine him playing a vast array of traditional Appalachian instruments—mandolin, guitar, hammered dulcimer, bouzouki, banjo, piano, percussion—along with his versatile singing voice and some combination of terrific musicians backing him up. Frequently added into the mix are live-looping and layering techniques, combined together to make a unique…

Tom Golly

2017 Artist: Tom Golly

Replenish Festival is pleased to welcome Tom Golly to the stage this year.  Like most of us, Tom Golly didn’t always have a voice for Christ.  At a young age, he learned that people could not be fully trusted to provide for our needs.  As a young man, he struggled with a sense that something was missing. God met Tom where he was a few years ago and realized all those years of searching were over.  Tom finally knew what REAL love was, and it didn’t come from a person; he was Loved and valued by God.

Cody Davenport

2017 Artist: Cody Davenport

Cody Davenport joins us at Replenish Festival on Saturday evening, at 5pm on the Restore Stage.  Cody’s musical interest started young as his parents were part of a gospel quartet.  He gave his life to Jesus at the early age of 4 and by Junior High he was leading worship and playing guitar. Cody’s favorite things are his family, music, and Jesus.  Having grown up in Northeast Ohio, he is also an avid fan of Ohio State football.  Cody met his wife, LaRae at Liberty University where they both attended, and four years later were married.  In 2011, they had…

Matthew Tuck

2017 Artist: Matthew Tuck

Replenish Festival started out as a 3-day weekend festival beginning on a Friday evening and ending on Sunday with worship.  In 2016, the format of the festival switched to a 2-day format of Saturday and Sunday.  This year, we are happy to go back to that original 3-day format opening our gates on Friday and offering MORE music, MORE speakers and ultimately MORE fun.  This 2017 year, we are also excited to bring you Matthew Tuck as our Friday night headliner.  This 21-year-old has been doing Christian music for less than a year, but is letting his faith for our Lord SHINE…

Voices of Truth

2017 Artist: Voices of Truth

Voices of Truth is a family stitched together by their love for God and their love for music. With God being the center of their ministry, His presence and anointing shines through their unique acoustic style and original song lyrics allowing the band members to easily connect and relate with people of all ages. Singing and writing lyrics is more than just a hobby for Voices of Truth. It is their calling. It is their purpose. It’s how they worship God. If you listen closely enough, you can catch a glimpse of the story behind each song lyric. These ladies…

Lenny Hall

2017 Featured Speaker: Lenny Hall

Replenish Festival welcomes back Lenny Hall with Sons of Thunder Ministries. Lenny brought the Word during the 2016 Replenishfest and we are excited to have him join us again. Lenny, along with Timothy Harris, established Sons of Thunder Ministries in 2013. Lenny’s testimony is that he lived his life giving his “hour” to God every week and then for the rest of the week lived his life how he wanted, but soon got “to the end of the rope.” He states he remembers lying in bed one night and saying, “God, I want more of you. There’s got to…

Cry For Salvation

2017 Artist: Cry for Salvation

From the hometown of neighboring Franklin County, Cry for Salvation was started in 2011 when it was decided their church needed a youth band to “liven things up” on Wednesdays.  Two of the band members, began leading worship and soon, they realized there was a bigger calling to spread the Word of God by taking things outside the church and to community needing the Truth… “Cry for Salvation” was born.   Their EP “Bright Light Shine” was released in March of 2016 produced by ‘Skip’ Brown from Final Track Studios in Roanoke, Virginia. They have performed…

Foresaken Hero

2017 Artist: Forsaken Hero

Forsaken Hero is a band that loves playing music, loves singing on stage, loves having a good time, but above all, they love doing it all for the glory of God. Forsaken Hero has had the opportunity to play dates on two different Stryper tours and also played with Christian rock bands like Random Hero, Ilia and more. Their new EP features Andrew Welch of Thousand Foot Krutch, Brooks Holt of We As Human, and was Mastered by John Lawry of Petra. They love getting to do what…