2017 Artist: Voices of Truth

2017 Artist: Voices of Truth

Voices of Truth is a family stitched together by their love for God and their love for music. With God being the center of their ministry, His presence and anointing shines through their unique acoustic style and original song lyrics allowing the band members to easily connect and relate with people of all ages.

Singing and writing lyrics is more than just a hobby for Voices of Truth. It is their calling. It is their purpose. It’s how they worship God. If you listen closely enough, you can catch a glimpse of the story behind each song lyric. These ladies may be young, but their lyrics reveal the different phases of their spiritual journey and breathes the testimony of who God is and what He can do.

Voices of Truth bring a rare blend of harmony and acoustic contemporary style to the stage producing a sound that nurtures their roots and their purpose. A sound that was created to make a statement. A sound that drives Voices of Truth outside of their comfort zones and vocal ranges. It’s a sound that was crafted to reach beyond genres.

Like most of us, Voices of Truth is a work in progress. God is continuously sculpting them and pushing them beyond the limits they have set for themselves. But, they are quickly realizing there are absolutely no limits on this journey and often cling to Luke 1:37 as a gentle reminder that nothing is impossible with God!

Find out more about Voices of Truth by visiting the following links:

Website:  http://www.voicesoftruthmusic.com

2017 Featured Speaker:  Lenny Hall

2017 Featured Speaker: Lenny Hall

Replenish Festival welcomes back Lenny Hall with Sons of Thunder Ministries. Lenny brought the Word during the 2016 Replenishfest and we are excited to have him join us again. Lenny, along with Timothy Harris, established Sons of Thunder Ministries in 2013.

Lenny’s testimony is that he lived his life giving his “hour” to God every week and then for the rest of the week lived his life how he wanted, but soon got “to the end of the rope.” He states he remembers lying in bed one night and saying, “God, I want more of you. There’s got to be more to you, God, than what I’m getting.” When his friend, Timothy, came over to Lenny’s house one day, Timothy had a word from God to share. “Lenny, you’ve got to stop living this way. YOU have a calling, step into it.”

That night, God gave Lenny a dream and showed him what Sons of Thunder was supposed to be and even what they would have to go through to get where they are today.

Sons of Thunder Ministries has a desire to be a sword in the hands of local ministries to effectively establish the Kingdom of God in people’s lives.

Lenny and his wife, Brandy, feel called by God to travel throughout the world as revivalists sharing the love of God and preaching the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

lenny-and-brandyLenny and Brandy share a love and passion for reaching the lost. The mission of SOT, through continual revival, is to see people healed and set free by the power of Jesus Christ.

“We feel that God is in the process of pouring out the greatest world wide revival in history. We have a hunger and a passion for ministry and believe in teaching and preaching the Word of God found in the Holy Bible in its entirety.”

Lenny and Brandy continually seek God’s council to be good husbands and wives, good fathers and mothers. Lenny continually strives to be the spiritual leader of their home and a good shepherd to all God continues to bless them with.

Come to Replenish Festival and hear the Word God has given him for this Replenish Festival 2017!  In addition (and newly announced) is that a coffee shop called “Holy Grounds” is in the works to be opening soon!  A community event is being planned where Lenny has invited a well-known person to come and share a message with all who attend.  The person to share has not been announced at this time and Lenny plans to make the special announcement AT Replenish Festival!  While he won’t say WHO it is, he assures us the community will NOT want to miss that special event!

2017 Artist:  Cry for Salvation

2017 Artist: Cry for Salvation

From the hometown of neighboring Franklin County, Cry for Salvation was started in 2011 when it was decided their church needed a youth band to “liven things up” on Wednesdays.  Two of the band members, began leading worship and soon, they realized there was a bigger calling to spread the Word of God by taking things outside the church and to community needing the Truth… “Cry for Salvation” was born.
Their EP “Bright Light Shine” was released in March of 2016 produced by ‘Skip’ Brown from Final Track Studios in Roanoke, Virginia. They have performed live at many different locations, such as Walmart for Children’s Miracle Network, Sweet Frog for Vitalize Church, Auto Zone for We Care, and many churches.
Cry for Salvation has also shared the stage with several acts, such as DENS, Exonerated, Joon D, The Return, Relinquish, and more. Their hope and prayer is that people listen to their music and not only enjoy it but see that Jesus can take broken and make us into something beautiful. “Our calling is not to fill ourselves full of Christ and then stop when we are full. Our calling is to overflow with Christ’s love and compassion, to be a disciple, to change the world one song at a time!”

We want to see God work through us and to be a part of changing this broken world and making it something beautiful as he has done to all of us. 

Find out more about Cry For Salvation by visiting the following links:

Website:  http://www.cry4salvationmusic.com/


2017 Artist:  Forsaken Hero

2017 Artist: Forsaken Hero

Forsaken Hero is a band that loves playing music, loves singing on stage, loves having a good time, but above all, they love doing it all for the glory of God.

Forsaken Hero has had the opportunity to play dates on two different Stryper tours and also played with Christian rock bands like Random Hero, Ilia and more. Their new EP features Andrew Welch of Thousand Foot Krutch, Brooks Holt of We As Human, and was Mastered by John Lawry of Petra. They love getting to do what they do, and rocking for the Lord. They are super excited to be apart of Replenish Festival 2017 and will be performing on Friday, July 7th!

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2017 Artist:  Reverb Worship

2017 Artist: Reverb Worship

“Initiating encounters with God through worship.”

Reverb Worship has played at Replenish Festival each year and brought us into a great worship time and experience.  We are thankful to have them back again for 2017 and leading our worship time through the weekend.  Come out to Replenish Festival on the weekend of July 7, 8 and 9th to join us and Reverb Worship! 

Why “Reverb” – The Vision

Reverberation: an echo; a reflection of sound; a resounding continuation

As the water of an oasis reflects the light, so God’s people reflect His glory (Proverbs 27:19).

Reverb Worship is committed to bringing dynamic worship to Oasis Church through song. Whether within the four walls of the building or in the community, this ministry is devoted to lifting the name of Jesus high and encouraging all believers to seek and desire new depths of worship (Psalm 42:7). Reverb Worship is dedicated to declaring the greatness of God, reverberating His love and mercy to all, so that His Kingdom may be expanded in the New River Valley and beyond in this generation.

Ministry Goal: To be an echo of what Christ is doing in the hearts and lives of its members, using their gifts, talents, and passions in service of the body at Oasis Church.

2017 Artist:  Exonerated

2017 Artist: Exonerated

Replenish Festival welcomes Exonerated back to the Replenish Festival stage on Saturday, July 8th, 2017!  The band joined us at our inaugural festival in  2015 and we are excited to have them back again.  🙂

In a time when so many acts sound the same, the band Exonerated, from the backwoods of Southwest Virginia, is changing the way that people view Christian Music. 

Coming on to the scene in 2009, they learned quickly that they needed to find a sound that was all their own but working on capturing a brand new sound would mean trying times, switching band members, and revisiting the band’s direction. Now that the band has a solid foundation,they have developed a sound that is turning heads everywhere! 

“We never want to loose focus on why we are in the Music Ministry, we have been called to share the gospel through our music and that is Exonerated’s main focus, always has been and it always will be,” states founding member, Frank Overfelt.

Listening to Exonerated you will hear influences from a variety of genres that have been skillfully meshed together to form a distinctive sound, such as heavy guitar rifts with strong southern over tones, solid drums, and clear smooth vocals all blended to give you an experience that will leave you wanting more.

Find out more about Exonerated by visiting the following links:

Website:  https://www.exoneratedmusic.com/