Your Daughter’s Identity in Christ

Your Daughter’s Identity in Christ

Verses highlighted in their post include:

  1. Song of Solomon 4:7
  2. Psalm 139:14
  3. Corinthians 5:17
  4. Ecclesiastes 3:11
  5. Ephesians 1:4
  6. Jeremiah 29:11
  7. Ephesians 2:10

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Give Your Kids A Way Out

Give Your Kids A Way Out

Parents have a lot more to deal with in the current culture than our parents before us.  Technology via mobile phones have invaded our lives.  And it can be downright scary with games that allow total strangers to chat our primary school-aged kids up!  With all the games that are out there, it’s hard to keep up with what each does and allows.  Really… it’s quite impossible.  Parents ultimately need to have a good relationship and be watching what their kids are playing and how they are interacting and of course… have open communication about the do’s and don’ts.  For #FamilyFriday we are sharing this link about a tip to help parents of teenagers….

from the blog by Bert Fulks…

“For many of us parents, we lament the intrusion of technology into our relationships.  I hate seeing people sit down to dinner together and then proceed to stare into their phones.  It drives me nuts when my kids text me from another room in our house.  However, cell phones aren’t going away, so we need to find ways to use this technology to help our kids in any way we can.”

Click to read the full post and create an X-Plan for your teen!

3 Kids Bibles that will Engage Your Child

3 Kids Bibles that will Engage Your Child

Parents want to be sure to train up their children as God instructs.  However, some parents struggle with the best ways to do that. Certainly modeling a walk with God is of utmost importance, and reading His word to them and encouraging them as they learn to read, to read themselves.  The Bible can often be challenging to read for kids, and so Family Christian offers some suggestions to finding just the right one. 

From the blog:

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” – Matthew 19:14 NIV

God has a heart for children, and His Word makes it clear that He desires to be in an intimate relationship with them. Teaching your kids about their Lord and Savior is one of your greatest responsibilities as a parent – but it’s also one of your greatest blessings. Encourage your little ones to draw near to their Father with a Kids Bible they can easily understand.

Read more about:  

  1. The Beginner’s Bible:  Timeless Children’s Stories
  2. NLT Hidden in My Heart Scripture Memory Bible
  3. NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers

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5 Ways To Help Kids Get Along

5 Ways To Help Kids Get Along

Today with share with you a post from to read it in it’s entirety, please click THIS LINK.

If you are a parent to more then one kid, it’s likely that you have experienced some “sibling rivalry”.  You’ve heard arguments between them about some silly things:  “He’s looking at me!” or “She made and ugly face at me!”  And there are likely days that you just want to either (a) curl up in hole somewhere and ignore it all or (b) lay down the law and yell to get everyone else to be quiet.  Am I right?  It’s okay to say “yes”.  

This blog gives some positive ideas for how to help your children get along with one another.  We as parents, we must allow them to work things out on their own rather than diving in to solve the problem.  

From the blog:  “Eventually, they were able to see that each member of the family added to the good of the whole. They both added value in a different way.”

It lists the following five tips and lessons to help:  

  1. We are all on the same team.
  2. Give them each a voice.
  3. Mediate instead of solving the conflict.
  4. Model healthy conflict resolution in your marriage.
  5. Do projects together.

To read the full details of each of the five tips, click over to at this link

Happy Family Friday!


5 Lessons to Teach Kids

5 Lessons to Teach Kids

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from Family Christian’s blog post on September 22, 2016:

“Math, science, art and history – your kids learn a lot in the classroom but what about at home? As parents who are raising ambassadors for Christ, it’s important to make sure an understanding of God’s Word is part of the equation. That’s why we’ve outlined five lessons to teach your children that align with God’s will for them….

  1. Love God
  2. Be Kind
  3. Respect Authority
  4. Tell the Truth
  5. Give Thanks…

We believe something great happens when a child applies the Bible to their life and begins to understand who God has called them to be….”

Help Teenagers Live God’s Purposes

Help Teenagers Live God’s Purposes

Shared Blog Post, Written by Rick Warren:  The original and full post can be seen on

Help Teenagers Live God’s Purposes

The most fundamental question that teenagers in your community will ever wrestle with is, “Why am I here?”

Unlike past generations, teens today aren’t looking for the meaning of life. Instead, they’re searching for meaning in life, a purpose for living, something that makes their lives worth living.

The fact is they’re seeking the very thing for which God made them, and that’s why it’s important that you consistently teach teens about their purpose in life.


Rick Warren continues by listing five purposes that teenagers were created to fulfill by God…to read the details, click the link below. 

Teenagers were created by God to fulfill these five purposes:

  1. Every teenager was planned for God’s pleasure
  2. Every teenager was formed for God’s family
  3. Every teenager was created to be like Christ
  4. Every teenager is shaped for service
  5. Every teenager was made for mission

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