Brothers McClurg

Brothers McClurg

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Brothers McClurg know that worship music was a way to unify the Body of Christ, regardless of denominational affiliations.  They know that they “Captain of Salvation” gives them life rafts in songs that have the power to save the lives of the people that hear their songs.  Brothers McClurg started in music at a very early age with their parents, aunt, and Pastor Bill, whom they affectionately referred to as Pappy McClurg.  Their family band, the McClurg Singers produced a unique Southern gospel Sound that was born and bred in Buffalo, New York.  Over time, the popular sound in the church became more contemporary and Anthony and Chris continued to write and perform music  at summer Christians festivals and at churches on the local and regional level.  Their popularity grew, and before long they caught the attention of a major record label in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Soon after, Anthony and Chris, now known as Brothers McClurg would sign a record deal, and would release the “Alive” EP and the “Join in the Sound” full length LP during their time with the label.  During this time, Brothers McClurg earned the respect of some of the music industry’s biggest songwriters, worship leaders, and magazine editors.  After more than two decades of singing together, Chris and Anthony’s ability to harmonize set them apart from every band in the contemporary Christian music genre.  Their comprehensive history with church music led to many invitations with high profile songwriters in Nashville.  They were having new doors open to them to tour nationally in support of their releases.  The album “Join in the Sound” broke the top 40 on the Billboard music charts.  Nevertheless, after two releases with the major label, they were discovering that the popular sound being produced by Nashville based producers didn’t fit perfectly with their natural tendencies towards Southern Gospel roots music.  Suggested contemporary production aesthetics to fit radio formats felt like too much of an artistic compromise, so it was finally decided that in order to preserve artistic ownership and the family musical legacy, Brothers McClurg would part ways from the label.

Over time, they would eventually start their own studio and record label called Old Bear Records.  Old Bear Records has released multiple Christian music albums that have connected new artists with what they describe as “the upstream sound” to listeners across the world.  Brothers McClurg continues to travel and share their music nationally; bringing their live ministry to hundreds of churches coast to coast and sharing the stage with some of Christian music’s biggest acts.  They have developed a reputation as some of the most talented and authentic live acts in modern Christian music which gives them continued invitations to play for Christian music promotions, churches, Bible institutes, and conferences.  Because of their passion to develop worship leaders and songwriters, they are regularly invited to the most respected worship conferences in the world.  Their insights into worship and songwriting can be heard or read on some of today’s finest worship podcasts, magazines, and websites.

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