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About the Festival

Replenish Festival is brought to you by Replenish Ministries, Inc.  Replenish Ministries, Inc. is a 501c non-profit organization founded by Travis and Mandie Bishop. This ministry started as a organization in 2014 with a vision and purpose to help the people of the world find hope, peace, joy, and to be replenished in their heart, soul and mind through the salvation of Jesus Christ.  Founding board members include:  Travis Bishop, Greg Taylor, Edward Slaughter, Jackie Myers, and Teresa Martin.  

“ We felt the need to bring an atmosphere of worship in this area (Floyd County), a place where all people can join together and celebrate while knocking down all barriers for something bigger than ourselves.”  – Travis Bishop

As this ministry grows, our hearts are to serve this nation and foreign lands through missionary work, evangelism, concerts, outreach programs, and ministries. We need volunteers, donations, financial partnerships and prayers to help make this ministry and future Replenish Festivals a success!  We how you will consider joining us and uniting together in Worship.

Ministry President

Ministry Secretary

Edward Slaughter


Jaqueline Meyers


Teresa Martin

Board Member

Bob Barbetti



Prayer is such an important part of a Christ follower’s life. It’s how we communicate with our living God. It’s how we ask for mercy and forgiveness, and how we ask for the Father to watch over us and our loved ones. If you should have a prayer need, let us know. We have a team of prayer warriors waiting to talk to you! If you would like to join our prayer team, please contact us.


Our marketing team is always trying to get the word out and with today’s ever changing social media, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with it all. We are always open to help from volunteers who would like to print out and hang up flyers, or be a voice on the web and social media sharing content and telling others about Replenish Ministries and the annual Replenish Festival held in Floyd County. If you would like to help spread the word, please contact us!


Producing an event as large as a festival is a lot of work. We couldn’t have done it this first year without the help of lots of volunteers. We aren’t just a festival though. We are a ministry that seeks to reach out to our communities throughout the year, doing fund raising opportunities for Replenish Ministries as well as for other community charities. To do that, we will be having several smaller events and again will need great volunteers to make those a success. If you have a love of planning events and thrive on providing hospitality, and would like to serve Replenish Ministries by volunteering those gifts, then contact us today!