July 2, 2022

Chris McQuistion

Chris McQuistion is a CCM artist and worship pastor in Christiansburg, Virginia. His passion is to help reach people in need of the gospel, and to help others find hope and a purpose in Jesus, specifically those who he cannot reach during a Sunday morning service. Chris is also a big advocate for anxiety prevention through his first EP, Thank You God, which was written after a time where he suffered a traumatic brain injury in college sports, leaving him with a struggle and a reason to exist in this world. He spent a solid year in recovery, which changed his outlook on life and redefined his purpose, to live and to work as worship. He now sees each day as a new day to help bring life change to those in need of that same encouragement. With Chris’ hit songs, such as Reverse the Flow and his recent single, This is My Prayer, his passion continues to reach audiences far and wide of all generations. 

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