2017 Featured Speaker: Pat Farrell

Pat Farrell joined us last year at Replenish Festival and brought our Sunday morning message. This year she joins us as our Featured Speaker on Saturday night!

Pat is a life coach and certified Lay Minister.  She shares her passion and motivation for bringing God’s message to rejuvenate your spirit and motivate your soul!  

It was in 2002, that Pat discovered her own journey after her relocating with her husband for his job.  “I came to realize that it is in times of isolation and stillness that God can speak to you. While I had always loved to teach and had been in nursing for over 30 years, I didn’t feel that it was ‘enough.’ I kept saying, ‘There must be more to life than this.’ Through my search, I came across a life coach on television one morning and as I heard her speak, I knew that was the profession for me.”

Pat Farrell Pat states she completed the training and started personal coaching and watched her life change.  “For the first time in my life, I couldn’t wait to get to ‘work’.  I have only God to thank for gifting me with the ability and desire to help with His work.”

Today, she spends her time presenting keynote and break-out presentations, engaging in personal coaching, designing spiritual and nursing retreats, leading a lifestyle Bible study and organizing workshops for individuals and organizations. She speaks from the heart to women and men in an effort to help them understand the power they hold to change other’s lives. Pat says, “There is no meeting by coincidence and there are incredible opportunities for us to share and grow.”


Professionally Speaking….
Pat has spent 35 years in healthcare fulfilling the roles of hospital, office and industrial nurse, Lamaze childbirth educator, lactation consultant as well as Women’s Health Director in hospital marketing. Her honors include: Employee of the Year during her hospital work, “Search for Excellence” award from the North Carolina Nurses’ Association and selection for attendance at the North Carolina’s “Institute for Nursing Excellence.” She is also past president of North Carolina’s Top 100 Nurses.

Visit Pat’s Website here: http://patfarrellcoach.com/

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