2017 Artist: Cody Davenport

Cody Davenport joins us at Replenish Festival on Saturday evening, at 5pm on the Restore Stage.  Cody’s musical interest started young as his parents were part of a gospel quartet.  He gave his life to Jesus at the early age of 4 and by Junior High he was leading worship and playing guitar.

Cody’s favorite things are his family, music, and Jesus.  Having grown up in Northeast Ohio, he is also an avid fan of Ohio State football.  Cody met his wife, LaRae at Liberty University where they both attended, and four years later were married.  In 2011, they had their first child, Harper Gray and then the second, Titus Boone in 2014.

Cody’s self-titled worship album was released in the fall of 2011 and since that time it has been streamed and downloaded over a million times! You can find it on most streaming sites and you can download it from iTunes.Cody recently moved from Virginia to Florida and is now serving as the Worship Pastor at Lakewood Ranch Baptist Church in Sarasota, Florida. 

Come hear him play Saturday evening!

Find Cody on the web at: http://codydavenport.com/

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