Matthew Tuck

2017 Artist: Matthew Tuck

Replenish Festival started out as a 3-day weekend festival beginning on a Friday evening and ending on Sunday with worship.  In 2016, the format of the festival switched to a 2-day format of Saturday and Sunday.  This year, we are happy to go back to that original 3-day format opening our gates on Friday and offering MORE music, MORE speakers and ultimately MORE fun. 

This 2017 year, we are also excited to bring you Matthew Tuck as our Friday night headliner.  This 21-year-old has been doing Christian music for less than a year, but is letting his faith for our Lord SHINE bright!   “Christ drives me, my family and friends drives me,” Matthew tells us, “I’m tired of Christian music being seen as corny and fake.  I’m here to prove rap and hip hop are still relevant without drugs and girls.  To me, rap has meaning, and that driving force behind it is what I’m trying to spread.”

Matthew performed a concert for Fields of Faith (a ministry outreach of Fellowship of Christian Athletes) last fall for a couple thousand in attendance.  Soon after, churches and organizations started “blowing up” his phone asking for private concerts.  With that, he decided he should record an album and has worked hard on that project this past year.  The album officially releases on July 7th, so YES it WILL be available for sale at Replenish Festival and Matthew has said he would be glad to sign it for you!  His concert tour will start July 21st.  

To keep up with Matthew, be sure to follow him at these social media links:

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