2017 Artist: Voices of Truth

Voices of Truth is a family stitched together by their love for God and their love for music. With God being the center of their ministry, His presence and anointing shines through their unique acoustic style and original song lyrics allowing the band members to easily connect and relate with people of all ages.

Singing and writing lyrics is more than just a hobby for Voices of Truth. It is their calling. It is their purpose. It’s how they worship God. If you listen closely enough, you can catch a glimpse of the story behind each song lyric. These ladies may be young, but their lyrics reveal the different phases of their spiritual journey and breathes the testimony of who God is and what He can do.

Voices of Truth bring a rare blend of harmony and acoustic contemporary style to the stage producing a sound that nurtures their roots and their purpose. A sound that was created to make a statement. A sound that drives Voices of Truth outside of their comfort zones and vocal ranges. It’s a sound that was crafted to reach beyond genres.

Like most of us, Voices of Truth is a work in progress. God is continuously sculpting them and pushing them beyond the limits they have set for themselves. But, they are quickly realizing there are absolutely no limits on this journey and often cling to Luke 1:37 as a gentle reminder that nothing is impossible with God!

Find out more about Voices of Truth by visiting the following links:

Website:  http://www.voicesoftruthmusic.com

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