2017 Featured Speaker: Lenny Hall

Replenish Festival welcomes back Lenny Hall with Sons of Thunder Ministries. Lenny brought the Word during the 2016 Replenishfest and we are excited to have him join us again. Lenny, along with Timothy Harris, established Sons of Thunder Ministries in 2013.

Lenny’s testimony is that he lived his life giving his “hour” to God every week and then for the rest of the week lived his life how he wanted, but soon got “to the end of the rope.” He states he remembers lying in bed one night and saying, “God, I want more of you. There’s got to be more to you, God, than what I’m getting.” When his friend, Timothy, came over to Lenny’s house one day, Timothy had a word from God to share. “Lenny, you’ve got to stop living this way. YOU have a calling, step into it.”

That night, God gave Lenny a dream and showed him what Sons of Thunder was supposed to be and even what they would have to go through to get where they are today.

Sons of Thunder Ministries has a desire to be a sword in the hands of local ministries to effectively establish the Kingdom of God in people’s lives.

Lenny and his wife, Brandy, feel called by God to travel throughout the world as revivalists sharing the love of God and preaching the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

lenny-and-brandyLenny and Brandy share a love and passion for reaching the lost. The mission of SOT, through continual revival, is to see people healed and set free by the power of Jesus Christ.

“We feel that God is in the process of pouring out the greatest world wide revival in history. We have a hunger and a passion for ministry and believe in teaching and preaching the Word of God found in the Holy Bible in its entirety.”

Lenny and Brandy continually seek God’s council to be good husbands and wives, good fathers and mothers. Lenny continually strives to be the spiritual leader of their home and a good shepherd to all God continues to bless them with.

Come to Replenish Festival and hear the Word God has given him for this Replenish Festival 2017!  In addition (and newly announced) is that a coffee shop called “Holy Grounds” is in the works to be opening soon!  A community event is being planned where Lenny has invited a well-known person to come and share a message with all who attend.  The person to share has not been announced at this time and Lenny plans to make the special announcement AT Replenish Festival!  While he won’t say WHO it is, he assures us the community will NOT want to miss that special event!

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