thoughts from Teresa Martin:

As a woman who works full time, volunteers her time and tends to a family as well as trying to remain a good friend… I realize that I struggle with finding balance.  My to-do list is NEVER done.  Is yours?  Do you also struggle with finding the balance?  Should you finish folding those clothes, or take the kids hiking?  Or steal away with your man for some much needed time out?

Read this excerpt from Anita Renfroe on “balance”:

I understand my washer because I feel unbalanced a lot of the time. This is not something that’s easy for me to admit because I have spent a goodly portion of my adult life chasing this lofty and elusive concept called “balance.” I have read books about it. I’ve listened to Bible studies about it. I have heard lots of talks at women’s events concerning it. I have GIVEN talks at women’s events outlining the “seven steps to achieving it.” I even know a couple of women who seem to have mastered it.

But here’s the absolute truth about it:
I’m giving up on it.

Are you chasing something that seems impossible to catch?  — > READ MORE from Anita at the original post on Women of Faith by CLICKING HERE

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