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May 2, 2017

I’m Hurting

Guest Post by Ray Kingrea of  Tree of Life Ministries
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The JOURNEY: I’m Hurting

James 5:13 MSG:  Are you hurting? Pray…

Pain medicine comes in many forms. There’s pain medicine for your back and for your head; there’s even pain medicine for your emotions.

You’ve seen the pain medicine commercial with the guy that has pain at different points throughout his whole body and the medicine that can remove the pain wherever it is. There are people that stick pins and needles in you to help with pain. There are doctors that specialize in pain. Some people try these and other methods but still have pain. It’s because they’re all temporary pain relievers.

Only through the power of prayer can you be healed of the pain you’re suffering. Only God can heal the pain you suffer from. His power can heal the body, soul, and spirit. Sin can be painful. There’s no medicine for sin except the Blood of Jesus that’s applied through prayer.

Are you in pain? Go to Him in prayer. Does your heart hurt? Your emotions or spiritual heart in pain? Pray and He will take the pain away. No pain medicine can do what prayer can do. Are you in pain? Pray, and keep praying to keep the pain away.

I don’t know what has caused your pain but God does and He won’t try to cover it up. Pray to God and watch God release His power to the very source of your pain. He’s the pain taker! All you have to do is pray.

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