When Parenting Isn't Cool

April 21, 2017

When Parenting Stops Being Cool

This original blog post, written by  first appeared on LifeWay.com’s website.  

Intro below writtenby Teresa Martin:

It was just last year when my son turned 10 that I received a sudden JOLT in parenting.  It was my son’s 10th birthday and as I woke him up to get ready for school, I was happy and wishing him a Happy Birthday and had told him that I was planning to come eat lunch with him at school to celebrate.  And then it happened…. “Mom, I really don’t want you to come have lunch with me,” he says.

Wait.  What?  I asked “Why”?  Did I do something?  Did I embarrass him?  While I knew the time would come when my little boy grew into a young man and he would no longer want to always be with “mommy,” I had never expected it to be so abrupt.  He just said he didn’t want anyone coming to have lunch with him.  Wow.  What just happened?

As I said, I knew it was coming, but still… the words stung like a knife to the heart.  So I had to pull myself together and realize that this was just a normal phase and I had to come-to-grips with letting go.  

As Laura states in her post, “You’re not sure when, and you’re not sure how, but you turned around one day and realized it: you aren’t cool anymore,” and “Before you find yourself in a panic, know that this phase of childhood is common, and you are not alone.”

CLICK HERE to read her 5 tips to parent when parenting isn’t cool…..

Read the blog post to find out how important it is to spend time with God and His word, be the parent, keep communication going and to have a support group of other parents and friends.  Take comfort, my friend… you are not alone.  And one day, you’ll get the opportunity to be “cool” all over again.  😉


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