2017 Artist: Brightwork

You may have heard of Brightwork before as they played the Replenish Festival stage our inaugural year in 2015.  The crowd enjoyed them and they must have had a good time also as they will be playing our stage again this summer!

Did you know that Brightwork booked their first show before even having a band practice?  Yes, they did!  They committed themselves not only to that first show, but a marathon of practices to prepare.  After a long summer of writing and performing, they discovered their direction had evolved from a project into a calling.  

Brightwork is local to the area, coming to us from Roanoke, VA.  They have shared the stage with several national touring acts including Jeremy Camp, Sanctus Real, Aaron Gillespie (The Almost/Underoath), The Afters, Mikeschair, Future of Forestry, Starfield, Revive, and many others.  They debut EP launched in the spring of 2010 and in 2011 they recorded their sophomore release.

Brightwork has forged their own sound amidst a sea of musical influences. The blended textures of overdriven guitars and warm piano melodies place Brightwork in a category of their own.  As they continue down the path that God is leading, Brightwork brings you tracks such as “Hope Unchanging”, a worship-driven anthem woven together with soaring melodies and punchy rhythms to form a rich and cohesive musical fabric.

“Our mission is to integrate our desires to write and perform with a higher desire to serve Jesus and make him known”, Caleb states. “To us, music is just the means we’ve been given to genuinely connect with people and share what really matters. We love people, and our songs are a way we express and share our hearts, life experiences, and the creativity that they come from.”

Website:  http://brightworkband.com/

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