Love Your Husband Intentionally

Shared Blog from Kathi Lipp, author of 17 books, speaker, and host of Clutter Free Academy the Podcast.

It’s Wednesday, so that means it’s time for #WednesdaysWordForWomen.  🙂  And while this post is for women, it’s for women who want to be the help-mate God designed them to be for their men.  In this post, Kathi mentions often getting asked the question:  What should I do when my husband is overwhelmed?  Let’s face it, we know that marriage is not always “happily ever after.”  There are struggles and hard times to endure.  

From the blog:

And I get it – we are all looking for ways to connect during the hardest times.

His struggle could be because of work – or finances. Or there’s stuff going on with his parents, or in your family. Whatever the reason, we all know when it’s happening.

Maybe he gets really quiet and withdrawn. He may be in a place where talking about it (or about anything,) is overwhelming. He’s exhausted, so either he sleeps all the time or he doesn’t sleep at all.

You know what it looks like for your man. But when you see it happening, don’t just wait for the wave to pass. There are things you can do to actively help your man during this difficult time.

To read her tips on loving intentionally when your husband is overwhelmed, click here to go to her blog.

While you’re there, she also offers 21 Post-Its to encourage your husband.  You can get that downloadable here.

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