Don’t Let a Bad Attitude Rule Your Life

Today’s #WordForWomen is shared from a devotion on  Here’s an excerpt:

Can I be honest? The last thing I felt like doing was considering all of my troubles “an opportunity for great joy.” I couldn’t help but wonder: Seriously, God? How is that even really possible? But instead of closing my Bible in frustration, I sensed God nudging me to take a deep breath and keep reading. Little did I know He had beautiful encouragement in store just when I needed it most. – See more at:

We imagine this may ring true and resonate with many… life happens… bad things happen… we go through storms, we go through trials and cry out “Why me, God?”  Yet God is gently reminding us that He is with us every step of the way!  Read this post from Tracie Miles at the Proverbs 31 website.


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