gas stove burn, pain and healing

February 22, 2017

Faith, Hope and Life Lessons

Faith is defined as “a complete trust or confidence in someone or something; a strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual understanding rather than proof.”  We often hear people question, “Well, if God’s so real, then why __________?”  That blank can be filled in with things like “Why can’t I see Him?”, “Why do bad things happen?”, “Why is there death and illnesses like cancer?”  We are just like a child asking the infinite number of “Why?” questions…. questions that are often valid questions and ones even believers can sometimes struggle with when it feels like God isn’t “on our side”.
Things happen throughout our lives that will test what we believe, test our emotions, and test our strength spiritually, emotionally and mentally.  Life happens, you might say.  When tough times hit, who, what and where do you turn to?  Do you wallow in self-pity and shut everyone out?  Do you cry out to a Heavenly Father for peace?  Do you get angry and turn to self-medicate with addictive behaviors?
Throughout life, we are learning.  As a young child, we learn not to touch a hot stove… not because mom, dad or grandma told us not to… but because we had to touch it and experience the pain and the burn ourselves.  A relationship with the Divine is one of experience; one filled with joy and happiness and peace, and also one that may likely have times of doubt, times of sadness, times of wondering if God has left your side.  Life is a continual learning and growing experience.  And yes, even in the pain of an experience, we learn.  As a child, we learn that yes, indeed, that stove will burn.  A child may disregard the warning from the guardian and experience pain, but a loving guardian doesn’t just say “told you so.”  Instead, they will rush to the child’s side, over ways in which to begin healing the burn, and wrap their arms around the child to offer comfort and calming.  
Our relationship with our heavenly Father is similar.  He will offer comfort and calming in the midst of pain.  He will offer healing to our hearts… even when He doesn’t offer healing for a loved one that He is planning on bringing home to Him.  Must we experience this hurt?  Yes.  Does hurt come with healing?  Yes.  Healing comes when you experience a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Each of us have lost loved ones along the way of our years lived and some are preparing to lose loved ones.  We have grieved.  We will grieve more.  And through that process we will also overcome grief when we allow God to replace it with hope… hope for reunion one day when we pass from this world and are reunited with our loved ones.  Hope that is coupled with a Faith in Jesus trusting in the Word.  Do you have FAITH?  Do you have HOPE today?  If not, take a step today to ask Jesus to come into your heart and heal you from your hurt, take a step towards faith and gain hope in return.

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