February 6, 2017


Guest Post by Lenny Hall of Sons of Thunder Ministries

John 3:16 (NIV)– 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

One thing all of mankind possesses in common………the desire to be uncommon!!

We are all fearfully and wonderfully made for separate and individually unique purposes. Therefore there is something inside us all that screams for all others to recognize us as individuals. Thus we resist with all that is within us, any hint of being stereotyped or put in the box of generality and insignificance.

When purpose is not known or abused (abnormally used) there is no vision, and a disconnection (separation from the agenda of) from the Maker. Where there is no vision, people perish. Therefore, not having a solid relationship with the One who made us, we seek the adoration of those who did not!!

A nonreligious man lives with the knowledge that something is missing, and has a discord within him that drives him to find it. A religious man, or to say a man who has tasted of the relationship with the One who made him, who has known and then walked away from the purpose and vision for his life, is then most miserable.  He must tell himself and others a lie in order to reconcile his rebellion and emptiness within his own mind. He may even conjure up his own form of justification for his sin(s) by telling that he has the same relationship with the Father as before. He will therefore revert, out of loneliness in his separation from God, to seeking the adoration and approval from men. When confronted with truth, he will become very angry and hostile against the one(s) delivering the message of truth up to, and including Yahweh Himself.

Willful sin in the believer, unrepented, becomes oppression and opens the door to being in league with the enemy, often without knowing or admitting it. That’s what makes the religious man so hard to deal with.  Therefore, the message is the same as it was before having the relationship with the Father, repent and have your sins forgiven!! Your sins have separated you from the kingdom! Why do you continue on in your religion if you are no better off than the man who has none? Where is your reward? What is your reward?

For His name’s sake, He wants to break the yoke of sin from the Church. For the sake of each of each individual, and the joy He had in making us he wants to return us to His bosom.

We are all born missing that warm, safe place we were formed in where there was only us and the Father and no one or nothing else to interfere or steal His doting attention. We are jealous of anyone or anything else that diverts it away from us.   We search for that “feeling” everywhere and within everything and everybody to get back to that place. Inside every human is that baby that screams “I am, remember me? Give me all of your attention!”  If we do not feel we are getting enough positive attention we will in our infantile manner seek negative attention.  Either way, we will fight for attention.  We will demand recognition in some fashion.  In our unreasonable fit of foolishness, we push away the only one who can give us PROPER attention, not realizing we never lost His attention, it was us who got distracted.

Therefore repentance is the message for the Church in order to bring healing and restoration. In our secret sin(s) we have separated ourselves from God. We hide just as Adam & Eve did, when asked about it. We lie just as Cain did, when given opportunity to confess. We draw others into participating in it and gain favor from men as Balam did in being obstinate in turning from it. And, we incite others to rebel by insurrection and sedition as Korah did in being defiant in questioning the justness of our earned wages for it, which is death and permanent separation from our Father.

He sets before us good and evil, life and death, Him and His kingdom or separation from Him and His kingdom. It isn’t a debate, it is a decision. He wants us to choose life, choose good, choose Him and the eternal inseparation from that warm, safe and joyful place we once knew.

But it is our choice! Repent and be Restored is the message and it is a hard one to deliver to the Church, especially when they love and make a lie. And they WILL most often shoot the messenger for he tells them what they already know and are trying to hide and deny just as Adam & Eve did in the garden. Whereas Adam first caused the separation and terminated the possibility for those slow, wonderful walks in the garden with Lenny Hall, Sons of Thunder MinistriesYahweh, Christ restored the right to once again know the joy of experiencing that. If we let sin separate us from Him now, we only have ourselves to blame. It is His desire to recognize us as the uncommon and unique children we are, to return us to that warm and safe place where we are the center of attention.

We are now without excuse!! We must gently and lovingly remind the Church of all of these things. Judgement must begin at the house of God.  

– Lenny Hall





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