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February 1, 2017

My Dream Singleness

An Anthem for Unmarried Women

A lot of women struggle with not being married.  Perhaps it’s always been their desire to have a husband and children and it just hasn’t happened yet.  Or perhaps she’s divorced and longing to be married again as she is lonely.  Whatever the reason, this blog shared from Desiring God is written as “An Anthem for Unmarried Women”.

Excerpts from this blog originally posted at on January 26, 2017 are below.  To read the blog in its entirety click here.

“My marital status may read “single” on my tax return, but I am not unclaimed. I do belong to someone. And this is not some elusive future spouse. I’m speaking of Christ. I am his.”

“God offers us singleness as an opportunity to run headlong after Christ. Devotion is not merely a hobby to pass the time while we wait for a perfect someone. No, this is what we’ve been waiting for. For Christ.”

“As unmarried women, let it be said of us that our one concern is to please the Lord, that our only aim is wholehearted devotion to Christ.”




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