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Everything You Need

Everything You Need

Guest Post by Ray Kingrea of  Tree of Life Ministries
Pastor Kingrea writes “The Journey” posts daily via his Facebook page.  Follow him on Facebook here.

The JOURNEY- Everything You Need – 2Thess.1:2 MSG – Our God gives you everything you need, makes you everything you’re to be.

Why is it that, just when we think we have everything we need, we find something else that we think we need?

I think we often have a hard time defining what a need really is. I’ve seen people, including myself, that have felt like they needed something so bad and then after they get it, don’t need it near as bad as what they thought they did.

Few things in this world meet real expectations. We even ask God for things we don’t really need. What if we asked God to supply everything we need instead of everything we want? It may be that God can’t make us what we’re to be until we’re satisfied with just what He knows we need. It may be that God is wanting us to make Him our everything.  Some things we can live without but He’s not one of them. He is everything we will ever need in life and when we make Him our everything, He supplies our every need. He makes us complete as people. Whole as humans because He makes us what we’re to be when we make Him our everything. All we need to have in life and be in life can be found in Him for life. He’s everything if we’ll make Him our everything.

Facing the Giant of Self

Facing the Giant of Self

Guest Post by Lenny Hall of Sons of Thunder Ministries.

Facing the Giant of Self

Read the story of David and Goliath:  1 Samuel, chapter 17

One of the greats in scripture was king David. He is a great example of what to do, and more importantly what not to do. His life ended, and he still held the title “man after Gods own heart.”  Which would make him a great success in my head.

Let’s start with Davids beginnings as a shepherd boy. He probably didn’t have the greatest home life. He was the on the fence promise to his earthly father. Jesse viewed him as either the rightful heir of his heritage, or an illegitimate son who would ruin him. Because of the changing of the laws at that time everything was uncertain, so Jesse put him in the field with the sheep in hopes he would be forgotten.

God however had David right where He wanted him. Through this process of herding sheep, God was molding a boy into a man after His own heart. David faced many trials, as so many of us do that deal with precious little lambs on a daily basis. He faced and defeated a lion (who run in PRIDES), and a bear (who is powerful but sleeps half the year, or is slothful). So after God allowed David to kill pride, and sloth then he was ready to be anointed King. But David would not be able to take his throne until he had faced the giant.

I believe that the giant represented David’s worse half. All his earthly fears, doubts, anxieties, and all the things that David disliked were represented in this man called Goliath. How many times do we look in the mirror and see a giant looking back at us? Lenny Hall, Sons of Thunder MinistriesThe giant of fear, doubt, anxiety, depression? What is the giant you see? But God’s battle plan is perfect, His aim is deadly, and He is mighty!!!!!

So start today by killing pride, and sloth out of your life, and when you face the giant of self know that he is a defeated foe. Love you guys, be blessed.

– Lenny Hall






Guest Post by Ray Kingrea of  Tree of Life Ministries
Pastor Kingrea writes “The Journey” posts daily via his Facebook page.  Follow him on Facebook here.

The JOURNEY- 2.Thess.2:13 MSG – Meanwhile, we’ve got our hands full continually thanking God for you, our good friends-so loved by God.

You ever thought about “meanwhile” things before? “Meanwhile” is what goes on while some thing or some other things are going on. We don’t often think about God working in the meanwhile. We think that He’s not doing much while we’re all upset, worried, or afraid. We think that nothing is going on when nothing is going on, so we sit around all depressed and discouraged because it appears that our adversary the devil is ahead and we’re behind.

Paul had a different perspective. He decides to be fully thankful to God for what He did have and what He was seeing God move in – the people around him. Remember, Paul is talking about the return of the Lord, but in the meanwhile, satan is working to deceive and destroy. Yes, satan is working in the meanwhile, but Paul chose to praise God in the meanwhile.

That’s the best anecdote for spiritual warfare – Praise and Thanksgiving! Picture this: “The devil was raging and attacking, but in the ‘meanwhile’ he/she was praising God for working.” The the devil will be mean for a while, but in the meanwhile, make a point to find something you can Praise and Thank God for.

Give Your Kids A Way Out

Give Your Kids A Way Out

Parents have a lot more to deal with in the current culture than our parents before us.  Technology via mobile phones have invaded our lives.  And it can be downright scary with games that allow total strangers to chat our primary school-aged kids up!  With all the games that are out there, it’s hard to keep up with what each does and allows.  Really… it’s quite impossible.  Parents ultimately need to have a good relationship and be watching what their kids are playing and how they are interacting and of course… have open communication about the do’s and don’ts.  For #FamilyFriday we are sharing this link about a tip to help parents of teenagers….

from the blog by Bert Fulks…

“For many of us parents, we lament the intrusion of technology into our relationships.  I hate seeing people sit down to dinner together and then proceed to stare into their phones.  It drives me nuts when my kids text me from another room in our house.  However, cell phones aren’t going away, so we need to find ways to use this technology to help our kids in any way we can.”

Click to read the full post and create an X-Plan for your teen!

What’s New?  News and Updates!

What’s New? News and Updates!

Quick blog post with news updates……(some details are subject to change)

  • Registration for Merchandise Vendors is NOW OPEN!  Remember that all merchant vendors must be pre-approved.  Start by filling out a form, located here and then contact Mandie Bishop.  The cost of Vendor Fee is simply purchasing a ticket for the event.  Each person helping your booth must purchase an event ticket.
  • All general admission tickets will be available at the GATE this year.  So no need to worry about incurring extra fees through an online system!  😉  Friday night adult tickets (ages 13+) will be $5; kids (ages 12 and under) will be admitted FREE.  Saturday event adult tickets will be $10, kids (ages 6-12) will be $5 and children (ages 5 and under) will be admitted for FREE.  If you wish to come for the entire weekend event, adult tickets (ages 13+) are $15, kids (ages 12 and under) will be admitted for $5 and children (ages 5 and under) will be admitted for free.
  • More duck races!  We had so much fun doing a duck race last year, that we are currently planning to have 3 duck races this year!  
  • More ministry!  We plan to have more opportunity for Bible study, worship and prayer as well as more opportunity for baptism and communion.

Lots of things are still “in the works” so remember that even items above are subject to change.  But we are excited about the prep beginning and all of the fun that is sure to be head.  We are getting inquiries from local and regional artists and we are working through selection of a headlining artist.