January 28, 2017


Guest Post by Ray Kingrea of  Tree of Life Ministries
Pastor Kingrea writes “The Journey” posts daily via his Facebook page.  Follow him on Facebook here.

The JOURNEY- FOCUS – 1Tim.6:11 MSG – “But you, Timothy, man of God: Run for your life from all this.”

I honestly have to admit that its hard for me to focus. It always has been. I’ve always struggled in a crowd or classroom to focus on what was the center of attention. If a person got up, someone was talking, or even a bird flying by a window, it would throw me off focus. Call it ADHD or whatever, but through the years I’ve had to so work hard at focusing, that it almost appears that I’d ignore whoever might even be with me.

Paul is telling Timothy that there are many things that can pull his focus off the most important. The same is true for us. I watch and listen to people get upset, mad, hurt, angry, bitter, and unfocused over things that are distracting them from the most important thing in life; their salvation and call in Christ.

Paul’s words focus in on our lives today “But you, Timothy…”. Put your name in there man or woman of God. “Run from all this” stuff on Facebook, gossip, bickering, politics, and… You know what I see? A lot of people allowing things to rob their focus on the most important, their salvation and call in Christ.

“FOCUS” and quit letting what other people say or do distract you from your relationship with Christ. Paul goes on to say “Pursue a righteous life…” Read what you should be pursuing, focus on those things, and quit allowing other things to distract you. For me, I refuse to allow anyone or anything distract me from my focus. I focus my attention on who saved me and called me and I pray the same for you today. “But you” says “Everyone else may be out of focus, ‘but you’ stay focused.” Stay FOCUSED!

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