God's Purpose For Teens

January 20, 2017

Help Teenagers Live God’s Purposes

Shared Blog Post, Written by Rick Warren:  The original and full post can be seen on ChurchLeaders.com.

Help Teenagers Live God’s Purposes

The most fundamental question that teenagers in your community will ever wrestle with is, “Why am I here?”

Unlike past generations, teens today aren’t looking for the meaning of life. Instead, they’re searching for meaning in life, a purpose for living, something that makes their lives worth living.

The fact is they’re seeking the very thing for which God made them, and that’s why it’s important that you consistently teach teens about their purpose in life.


Rick Warren continues by listing five purposes that teenagers were created to fulfill by God…to read the details, click the link below. 

Teenagers were created by God to fulfill these five purposes:

  1. Every teenager was planned for God’s pleasure
  2. Every teenager was formed for God’s family
  3. Every teenager was created to be like Christ
  4. Every teenager is shaped for service
  5. Every teenager was made for mission

To read more, click here to go to the original and complete blog post.

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