Woman Feeling Sad, Fat, Ugly

January 11, 2017

When You Feel Ugly, Fat and Stupid

Editor’s Note:  Women often suffer from feeling inferior and not good enough.  Our culture calls women to be everything:  a wife, a mother, daughter, friend, an employee… but what happens when she can’t keep up with it all?  Author Jenny G. Scott writes:

“The Enemy knows just how to attack us…and with me he knows my weakness is to feel ugly, fat, and stupid. Here’s how to refute his lies and cling to God’s truths…

“…Where does Satan attack you? Maybe he doesn’t tell you you’re ugly, fat, or stupid, but maybe he tells you you’re a terrible wife. A distant mother. A sub-par business owner. Maybe he whispers that your personality is boring, or your giftedness is a joke. Maybe he reminds you of a decision you made eight years ago, or perhaps he whispers fears to project into your future….”

To read more, please visit this link to see the post in it’s entirety.  This post was also re-published at ForEveryMom.com website.  We are sharing here as part of #WednesdayWordforWomen.


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