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January 3, 2017

Shared Post: God’s Under the Bed

from the Editor:  God lays it all out for us:  the simple plan of salvation.  And it really is simple.  But somehow, we find ways to make our faith complicated.  I enjoyed reading this inspirational post on God’s Little Acre and thought I would share it today.  #inspirationTuesday

Here’s a small excerpt:

“In my moments of doubt and frustrations with my Christianity, I envy the security Kevin has in his simple faith. It is then that I am most willing to admit that he has some divine knowledge that rises above my mortal questions. It is then I realize that perhaps he is not the one with the handicap — I am. My obligations, my fears, my pride, my circumstances — they all become disabilities when I do not submit them to Christ.” –– excerpt from post titled “God’s Under The Bed”.

Read the complete original post here at God’s Little Acre.  It’s a short read, click to read the full version.  😉  

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