Worship at Replenish Festival

January 1, 2017

Community Worship

Worship is an experience like no other.  As we asked for feedback about Replenishfest, we were repeatedly told that festival attendees enjoyed the community of worshipping together.  Many remarked that it didn’t matter what color your skin was or what denomination you related most to.  It was a time in which people could freely worship.  

When people come together to worship, they are individuals representing a different season and story of a life, a different background, a different journey.  And God knows each story and journey.  During those times of worship, God may be healing the hurting, encouraging the weak, mending, loving, freeing those who come and lay themselves down before Him at the alter.  

No matter what the individual differences there are – physical, emotional, spiritual – when we worship together, we are united by the One True God.  Our common unity creates community.  And through that community, people encourage and pour into each other offering love and hope, obeying the commandment to love others as you love yourself.

When you tear down the walls of division, you find you have a vast community that extends far and wide.  It can sometimes be mind-baffling as to why we often choose to segregate ourselves by denominations and doctrine.  In Matthew 14 when Jesus feeds the 5000, did He first say to separate themselves per their divisions?  No, He fed them ALL by performing a miracle.  The one thing they had in common was coming to hear the Word from Jesus.

Come together and worship… this would be our hope for the new year is that we would put aside our differences and come together to worship, to hear the Word and be fed by the Holy Spirit Himself.  Are you hungry for God’s love?

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