August 1, 2016

Replenish 2016: a successful event!

Replenish Festival 2016 was yet another awesome year as we had a huge attendance on Saturday evening and several individuals who answered the call of Christ on their hearts and confessed to follow Him.

Building 429 and JJ Weeks Band were our headlining artists. Building 429 pulled out all the stops with their stage show of lights and pyrotechnics, but Building 429 isn’t all “show”. They are genuine guys who took time to share with festival goers. The JJ Weeks Band also shared their hearts again as they returned for their second appearance at Replenish. You couldn’t ask for a more humble group of guys who take time for their fans and are genuine to the core!

We hear many comments of the positivity and the renewing of spirit that people gain when attending Replenishfest. When we learn of those impacted by the festival, we continue to feel excited knowing that we have been a vessel in allowing God to work through the lives of His people.

We are currently seeking those who share our vision to bring Christ’s love to our community and beyond.

As with any new festival, funding can be difficult, so as we look towards 2017, we are also looking for financial partnerships. If you enjoyed the festival and believe in bringing a faith-based, family fun festival to Floyd County as an outreach to unite our communities, we would like you to prayerfully consider making a one-time donation or monthly donations through Givelify. You can click the button above and select your amount to donate or choose other to set you own amount. All monies donated are tax deductible and your contribution will go towards funding for next year’s festival. Thank you for your support!

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