word on the street

February 6, 2016

Looking for Word on the Street Promoters

Word on the Street Crew

We are looking for volunteers to be our Word on the Street Crew.  We want you to TALK IT UP on the street, with your church, with your friends and family.  TALK IT UP in person, via text, via email, online in social media!  Over and again last year, we were told people heard about our festival through someone else.  Our best form of advertisement was by WORD OF MOUTH.  People listen when their friends and family speak!  So if you enjoyed Replenish Festival last year, or didn’t get to come but wanted to and want to help spread the word this year, SIGN UP and be part of our Street Team!

Space is limited (we are looking for 10 good people – 1 each from the list of counties on the sign-up).  So sign up today and our marketing person will be in touch with you!

For your volunteer efforts we will give you a FREE ticket to Replenish Festival 2016 AND a Replenish Tshirt!

Sign Up Now!

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