Bible Book of John

January 9, 2016

Things we take for granted

by Jackie Meyers, board member…

I’m feeling blessed as I finished reading the book of John.  It’s not the first time in my life as I’ve read it many times before, but felt it necessary to share as a lesson to the youth for teaching a Sunday school class.

Recently, I called a dear friend of mine to see how she was feeling since I knew she had been sick and I had not seen her in church.  She said, “I’m doing much better.”  I was so glad to hear this, so we continued to talk and began sharing how even faithful believers face battles, and regardless of those battles, we Praise our Heavenly Father. We shared how a song continues to be sung amongst us “Ole Children of Zion Be Glad.”  We talked about reading the Bible and how we seek to always be in God’s presence.

As we continued to talk, she shared with me, “With my vision going, Jackie, I can’t read as much.”  Trust me, when I say that my friend knows the Bible.  Her anointing is real.  She continued, “I’m believing my vision will be restored if it’s God’s will.  But if it’s not His will, Jackie, you know, it’s okay, because you know we can see through our hearts and and as believers this is how we should see.”

Wow.  I realize how we take things for granted.  I praise God for her.  At that moment I told her, “As always, you have encouraged me!”  God revealed to me at that point, that my reading God’s word would be different because I DO have my vision, and I will study so I can share like never before with others.

As I read God’s Word now, it is to breathe every word, to grasp the love, and to truly see with my heart. God has also revealed to me that we can’t see through our hearts if we have junk in it.  Junk such as non-forgiveness, anger, pride, envy, negativity to others, negative complaining attitudes, bitterness… pretty much anything that is not of God. So what do we do we get rid of it? We ask God to take it away! Quit complaining about your woes and Praise God for what you have!

He basks in our Praises!  I leave you with this scripture from John I have read numerous times over tonight:

Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life. — John 8:12.

Thanks to my friend, I know in my heart, the scripture John 8:12 is shared tonight for someone if not many.

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